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The good thing about radio sharing how everyone kept falling asleep was that it made Tyler even more sure this wasn't a new and interesting form of his personal craziness.

Didn't make the dreams easier, though. Not when they were about torture, inappropriate interactions with students, stalking an ex-girlfriend, "science," and more torture. And sex with Veronica, which was its own kind of torture to think about.

The worst of it was, he could never be completely sure about the personal craziness thing. He had a long history of doing stuff he couldn't remember. That's why he was coming to stay with Tony; Jarvis could keep an eye on him overnight and sound an alarm if he ... well. If he went crazy.

It was, of course, totally about Jarvis.

"Thanks for letting me crash," he told Tony, mostly as a formality. It wasn't like he didn't end up over there pretty often anyhow.

[For he who lives there.]
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Ring. Ring.

Tyler was confounded to notice his desk phone ringing when he got to his office. Almost no one had the number, and the people who did didn't seem likely to be calling at 9 a.m. on a Monday

"Durden," he answered suspiciously as he picked it up.

"Hello!" The voice on the other end caroled. "Thisssss is a singing telegram for Tyler Durden from Marla Singer!"

"I thought telegrams were in person," Tyler pointed out.

"They normally ah-are, but your island is not where the address said it would be so your wife gave us permission to deliver it over the phone!" the woman sang, clearly improvising a melody as she went along. "The message is, Good morning to you, good morning to you, you're sti-ill an asshole, please caa-all your lawyer." She sounded vaguely embarrassed, and stopped singing when she was done with that catchy number. "I wouldn't normally sing a swear, sir, but her order was very emphatic."

"I'm sure it was," Tyler said dryly. "Thanks."

Hanging up, he closed his eyes and swiveled in his chair before starting work on an email to Marla. Divorce in progress or not, she could at least tell him what fresh hell he was getting into before he made contact with the shark.


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