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If you want a match Sunday, please sign up here by noon EST Saturday. Right now, we have these people listed:

Ben Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker
Zack Fair
Tahiri Veila
Leto Atreides
Tyler Durden

If you have two signed up and you only want one match, let us know and we'll take care of it. This is the last meeting for the school year, and probably for a bit longer than that.

Thanks, guys.
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We've hit the part of the year where every weekend is a different random bout of awesome, and that tends to cut into Fight Club participation for some strange reason. As it looks right now, the only normal Fight Club sessions left in the school year are April 4 and April 18. We plan to have open sparring the other weekends. It's likely FC will go to some kind of alternate schedule for the summer, too, so those may be the last meetings for a while.

If you want an RNG'd fight, please sign up below. We'll try to set up everybody who asks for one.

(... also, where did this school year go?)
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Below are the Fight Club RNG rosters based on all current sign-ups we have. If you want to come on a drop-in basis and not deal with the RNG, that's fine -- this is just to help people make friends by hitting each other.

Group 1: Beginner-Intermediate )

Group 2: Advanced-Expert )

Stay tuned for OCD is up!
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Hi hi!

Fandom Fight Club, as outlined in this post is a go. Its first meeting is set for this Sunday in Atlas Gym, and handwavey announcements have been made.

Nuts + Bolts + Rules )

To help set up bouts, we're asking everyone who's still interested to pick a weight class in advance, and also to indicate if they would be using powers. Please wait for the OCD and sign up below. If you want to play out a spar Sunday, please indicate that in your comment.

ETA: In the wise words of [livejournal.com profile] atreideslioness: "Just a note - the grouping you start in is not the one you're stuck in forever!

"If you improve IC, then yes, you can move up! If you suffer an injury, then you can move down to work at a lower level until you're back up to speed. We've got a wonderfully diverse group here, and a great chance to learn from each other while we deal with those pesky 'anger management' issues. If you didn't learn something while hanging out at FFC, well, your organizers are going to be woeful."
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So I normally wouldn't post an AFK notice for 12 hours, but I had promised a few people scenes and I feel compelled to share this anyhow.

We're going downtown to see the inauguration and try not to get crushed by a crowd, which will probably eat most of the workday. I should be on as usual in the evening and will tag into classes then.
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I got an email about this, so I just wanted to put up a quick explanation and apology for Tyler's class yesterday.

I am rarely organized enough to write class in advance. And while this ended up not being the case, yesterday morning it looked like there was a good chance I wouldn't be online during the day so I wanted a low-interaction workshop, like a movie. I also needed to cover fertilizer bombs before the final. Looking for a film discussing fertilizer bombs lead to Oklahoma City and it was 6 a.m. and I was sleep-deprived and ... yeah. Lapse of judgement time.

Anyhow, all of this lead to a class that probably should not have gone up, and I apologize for it. (I should have known to junk the idea about the time I realized it needed a cut tag.)

We'll be back to our regular fun splodies next week.
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I go back to work full-time as of tomorrow. (Yay.)

I have no idea what access, if any, I'll have from work in the future. (Less yay.)

But I will be on for sure after 7 EST, as always. (Yay again!)

...wish me luck at the job?
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May 2018
Marla leaves, for good this time she says, after a fight about kids. Tyler decides it's time for a change.

June 2017
And there's a break, and he ends up on a locked ward babbling about angels while nice doctors adjust his meds. After a few months of this he almost feels real again.

January 2016
Marla comes back. There's a fresh lip print scar on her husband's hand, and six space monkeys in her spare bedroom.

He doesn't want to talk about it.

October 2015
Marla leaves to find herself. Corporate art across the southwest is destroyed over the next few months.

June 2014
Tyler and Marla get married, drunk, in Vegas. The whole cliche. They say they mean to get it annulled, but somehow they don't.

January 2014
Job opportunities are short for ex-cons, even white ones with degrees, so Tyler goes into business for himself. He starts what he christens the 311 Soap Company. The name does not drive sales, but he won't change it. The soap sells enough to keep him in a big old house on the edge of Tempe, Arizona.

December 2013
Tyler graduates from VCU in Richmond with a degree in chemistry and finance and a 3.7 GPA, only two years and a bit late. He's moderately impressed with himself, and would be more so if he didn't walk the stage at his graduation with a black eye.

March 2011
Tyler gets out of jail with his high school diploma, a couple of interesting new scars, and a bunch of new minions.

Miraculously, he finds, Marla has not changed her number.

December 2010
Jack Garrett Moore, d.o.b. 11/1/90, legally changes his name to Tyler Moore Durden. He keeps the old last name in the middle mostly to taunt the wimp within.

Gary Moore does not send his congratulations to his son's jail cell.

November 2008
The heat comes down on Fight Club, and Tyler gets convicted of trespassing, fraud and possession of an unregistered firearm in a state that treats 17-year-olds as adults. His sentence is three years in lockup, no parole.

Once he gets there, as soon as he's established he's for real -- it only takes four fights and one small explosion -- he starts studying for his GED like he's getting paid for it.

April 2007
Tyler leaves Fandom. On the causeway, he is met by two soldiers of Project Mayhem, who take him to a Fight Club safehouse.

He almost doesn't go, but then just says screw it.


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