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Tyler hadn't meant to fall asleep on the couch the night before, but it had happened. He'd been watching some bad softcore movie on Cinemax and somehow when he closed his eyes it had turned into a dream about a baseball field filled with gently bouncing naked people.

It was, possibly, the nicest night's sleep Tyler had had since childhood, at least until he woke up to something moist on his face. "Ew, Tony," he said, not opening his eyes. "What's with your breath?"

Lindsay's dog Martha licked him again, panted and yipped, and Tyler's higher brain finally came online enough for him to realize this wasn't Tony. "Mommy was too busy to feed you, huh, girl?" he asked the dog, as he padded into the kitchen in his boxer shorts and t-shirt to pour out a dish of dry dogfood.

He started the coffee and blinked hard, trying to get naked flesh out of his head.

[OOC: For the housemates or anyone who would come a-knocking this early.]
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One second, Tyler was having an ordinary Saturday morning. He'd gone for a run, showered, and was rummaging around in the cabinet for coffee filters.

The next second, he wasn't there any longer. Maybe it was something he'd eaten; maybe the island had just noticed he'd racked up two years total on the island without an animal transformation and was making up for lost time. Tyler's place had been taken by a mid-sized, chocolate brown goat standing on its hind legs in the middle of a pile of clothes.

The goat bleated wearily -- Tyler had known this would happen someday, but today? -- lowered itself to the ground, and began trying to use its new horns to get the refrigerator open.

[OOC: Open to housemates or visitors.]
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It was Monday and a slightly bruised Tyler was in his office, idly mentally replaying the spars from the day before. He still couldn't believe someone actually wrestled a wolf; that was taking the whole man-vs-nature thing a little far for his tastes.

But he supposed hitting a teenage girl for fun was up there on the craziness scale, too.

The office door was open, and he was ready for any distraction.
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Tyler had stayed at the bar a little too late last night and actually slept like a normal person after he got home, which meant he dragged himself into his office correspondingly late this morning.

He was pretty sure no one would notice.

Anyhow, he was at his desk, trying to browse websites about the Civil War to prepare for that week's class. He kept finding links about some comic book thing instead, and ended up reading those. Algren could fill him in on the real one, right?

[OOC: Oooooopen office, whee.]


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