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Tyler hummed to himself as he finished organizing the supplies for the prep work for tomorrow's experiment. Stack of newspapers there, paper shredder here, laundry starch and water neatly to one side, plastic dropcloths covering the work tables, and a horde of plastic bottles to serve as bases.

He never minded a little dirty work, but he approved of this whole TA business. Minions made life so much easier.

[OOC: Primarily for two, but open if anyone else wants to wander in!]
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Class Roster
Adam Park
Chris Halliwell
Dean Winchester
Eric van der Woodsen
Evey Hammond
Ino Yamanaka (TA)
Jack Burton
Michael Guerin
Rikku (TA)
Shikamaru Nara
Tony Foster

Week 1 (9/5) -- Soap
Week 2 (9/12) -- Baking soda volcanoes
Week 3 (9/19) -- Acids, bases, and red cabbage juice
Week 4 (9/26) -- Slime
Week 5 (10/3) -- Dry ice
Week 6 (10/10) -- Diet coke + Mentos
Fall Break
Week 7 (10/24) -- Midterm; research and design your own experiment
Week 8 (10/31)-- Peanut brittle
Week 9 (11/7) -- Movie week
Week 10 (11/14) -- Molotov cocktails
Week 11 (11/21)-- Nitroglycerin
Thanksgiving Break
Week 13 (12/5) -- Gunpowder
Week 14 (12/12) -- Fireworks
Exam (12/19) -- Review of the science behind the experiments.

Detention Policy
The first rule of chemistry class is, you do not talk about ... oh, wait. Let's start over.

The real first rule is that you don't do anything stupid. If you're horsing around in a dangerous way, or he thinks other students are in any way at risk, that's an automatic detention, no excuses. The other automatic detention is any form of physical violence.

You can also earn a detention by being disrespectful. Not disagreeing -- that's perfectly fine -- but, really, he doesn't take kindly to being called stupid by some kid. Calling your classmates stupid or otherwise being an insulting pain in the ass is also a very bad idea.

Notepassing and talking during the lecture is tolerated but not encouraged, and he will intervene if it seems to be disruptive. Similarly, if you want to sleep in class, fine, but he probably will throw things at your head. He'll call you in for a chat and consider detention if you rack up more than two unexcused (IC or OOC) absences.


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