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Tyler was in his office, and more than a little curious about what this year's crop of parents might be like.

He'd fill the time until anybody showed up by trying to read the xkcd archives.
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After a busy morning of work with junior detectives, investigations and interrogations, "Fred" was on his hands and knees looking for clues under the desk in Mr. Durden's office -- and, jeepers, it wasn't much of an office unless you really liked flowers -- when the bite wore off. He suddenly remembered he was in fact Mr. Durden, sat up, and hit his head.

That gave him one excuse to curse a blue streak. The crazy-lady flowers that he saw when he reluctantly popped out from under the desk provided another.

Whatever Ino was trying to say with flowers, she sure was verbose with it. He tore off the neckerchief and wondered if he really had to keep the flowers around until they died.

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Three hot showers, half a bottle of whiskey, an exhausting gym workout, and ten hours of fitful sleep after he had come out of the closet recovered from (un)life as a zombie, Tyler was back to his routine.

... he was in his office, anyhow. That counted. So what if he was mostly stupidly staring into space and trying not to think?

The door was open. Tyler wasn't into confined spaces just then.
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Tyler was hunched over his laptop, poking at ThinkGeek.com.

Tony's birthday was in a couple days. What were you supposed to get a billionaire, anyhow?

No, he wasn't going to chat up a supermodel.

The office door was open.
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Tyler was grateful, on his way to work, to notice the students were no longer quite so young.

The bruised feelings in his muscle after fight club was familiar, almost comforting, and Tyler gloried in the aches as he settled behind his desk to try to plan that week's lesson. He wondered if Ino would actually come by to apologize, but he guessed not; she was just as stubborn at 15 as she was as a child.

The office door was open.
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Tyler's lip had been split over the weekend by a punch he had chosen not to duck, and it would probably be less tender if he stopped poking his tongue at it.

No, he didn't want to talk about why he'd found a fight in the first place.

Someday he had to find coping mechanisms better than picking a fight with some poor idiot. Stupid Tony, making him regress. Stupid him, caring what Tony did.

And now he was going to quit sulking, do some work for his class that week, and let himself try to be pleased that at least his phone message was good news.
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Tyler already knew how the election turned out, at least in his world, so he wasn't sure why he kept checking the polling websites. Maybe it just gave him something to do until the minions showed up to make the posters, since he'd gotten in so early. (He hadn't exactly slept last night. Things were getting a little fuzzy around the edges in a way he missed.)

He finally dragged himself away from FiveThirtyEight.com and sent an email )
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It was Monday, which meant Tyler had to have office hours. So he was in his office; that was a given.

However, nothing said he had to actually work while he was there. Tyler was spending his time at his desk playing the stupidest Internet games he could find as part of an effort not to think about his weekend. (Though the kids' parents hadn't been all bad.)

His office door was open for anybody who wanted to bother him.
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Tyler hummed to himself as he finished organizing the supplies for the prep work for tomorrow's experiment. Stack of newspapers there, paper shredder here, laundry starch and water neatly to one side, plastic dropcloths covering the work tables, and a horde of plastic bottles to serve as bases.

He never minded a little dirty work, but he approved of this whole TA business. Minions made life so much easier.

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After putting the final touches on his first class, Tyler was starting to feel a little low on zen. Somehow, he wasn't quite in the mood to go to the gym and spar. It was time to break his routine.

Which is how he ended up in lotus position on the rug in front of his desk. Breathing. Listening to Enya. Trying to convince himself he was the calm center of the world.

Either he was going to figure out how to meditate, or he'd just fall asleep. And, hey, cures for insomnia were never bad.

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