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The taste of the priest's blood still sang in Louis' mouth as he ran back to the home whose keys had been among the belongings in the apartment where he woke up with that same priest the morning before.

He was the most vile of all sinners, and he knew it, damned even among those doomed to walk as vampires. The fact he knew Lestat would take pride in what he'd done made it sting even more.

He wondered, dimly, where Lestat and Claudia had gotten to; he hadn't seen them since the tavern the night before. With that thought on his mind, he started exploring the house, searching for signs of any residents living, dead, or otherwise.

[OOC: For the other vampeers and the housemates.]
tyler_gone: ([au] louis up close)
Louis had passed the day in the chambers where he had awakened and now, after dark, he was free to roam through the town.

Most vampires would have hunted, but Louis was not most vampires. He had no taste for the townspeople in their bright, cheap clothes. He was drawn, instead, by the rhythm of the ocean, its endless dance. He could sup on seagulls, perhaps.

He took a seat on the rocks to look at the water, wishing just once to see it blue again instead of ink-black.

[OOC: For one, possibly two? But open if you're on the beach.]


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