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It wasn't every day you saw your imaginary evil twin walking around being his own person, and Tyler was still in a really weird mood as he entered his office. He kept expecting the first Tyler or Rusty or whatever name he had picked this time to show up and ask him if he'd ever been in a fight.

Really, if he hadn't summoned a student, he might have foregone office hours entirely in favor of QVC. As it was, he spent much of his time blankly staring out the window.

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After putting the final touches on his first class, Tyler was starting to feel a little low on zen. Somehow, he wasn't quite in the mood to go to the gym and spar. It was time to break his routine.

Which is how he ended up in lotus position on the rug in front of his desk. Breathing. Listening to Enya. Trying to convince himself he was the calm center of the world.

Either he was going to figure out how to meditate, or he'd just fall asleep. And, hey, cures for insomnia were never bad.

[Open door, open office, though I may be on and off. EDIT: The identities of the ladies with the pie are NFB, please.]


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