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It was closing in on the end of the semester, and a responsible teacher might have been using his office hours to get his last few lesson plans in order.

Tyler was not that responsible teacher. He'd had philosophy students play basketball, after all.

So he was lying on his office couch, warm spring breeze eddying through the windows, halfway napping and occasionally leafing through Popular Mechanics.

The office door was cracked open.
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It had been a boring couple of office hours, so Tyler had decided to bring in some games to give himself something to do besides drinking coffee and trolling on the Internet.

Today, he was playing pool against himself on a miniature pool table. He kept cheating when it was stripes' turn.

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Tyler was hard at work grading midterms during his office hours today.

... for about an hour. Then he started watching YouTube footage of baby animals and found it so soothing he couldn't click away. It was a good thing he didn't get many visitors; this would be bad for his reputation.

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Tyler spent his office hours today getting into yet more squabbles on the Internet. It turned out that saying one of the brothers on Spooky Things was hotter than the other one was all you needed to do.

Fangirls made for easy prey.

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Tyler was trying to work on his lecture for Monday, but it wasn't going so well. He kept letting little things distract him: The flash of a new message in Gmail, the hiss of his heater, the dark brown rain hitting his window.

He leaned back to stare at the rain, pretty much spaced out. It was a good thing no one was sneaking up behind him.

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Today felt like a day for Tyler to redecorate his office.

Granted, this mostly meant moving Smoochy a few feet over and pinching dead leaves off his neglected philodendron. But the effort was there.

His office door was open.
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Okay, so some asswipe who'd gone to three meetings and gotten his face pounded in had written a comic about Fight Club called Battle Group, and that comic got turned into a bad movie no one saw. That was not news to Tyler -- he just didn't think about it much because it was years ago and it was all pretty stupid. Plus, it wasn't like they'd asked his permission.

What was news to him was that there was a Battle Group videogame and that it had been posted to the internet.

It was horrible. He was playing it, though. He wanted to see if the rumor that Fred Durst showed up if you won was true. There'd be something satisfactory about smashing his face in.

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Tyler found it vaguely weird to have office hours that didn't involve spending time getting supplies together for whatever random experiment he was making the class do next.

He'd definitely been teaching science too long.

He had his feet propped up on his desk as he leaned way back in his chair, leafing through a volume of Plato and trying to decide how to turn it into an activity. He wasnt sure the students would go for being literally chained in a cave.

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After listening to the radio for the last two days, Tyler was extra grateful to have had a quiet, boring week.

He was celebrating by having his Hostess cupcakes before the rest of his lunch.

Occasionally, his celebrations were small and odd.

The office door was open as he worked to finalize his plans for a final exam.
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Tyler's office hours today could be divided into three parts.

There was the morning, when he actually did his work and only occasionally glanced over at the Tony-pony napping on his office couch. (He'd told the pony that his hooves would ruin the upholstery. Tony's glare in response somehow managed to communicate he'd pay for it. Also that Tyler was ridiculous and very, very feminine for saying the word "upholstery.")

Then there was the really fun part when he tried to brush the pony and wrangle him out of the office to meet Steve. He got bitten on his thumb. Pony teeth hurt.

Then, in late afternoon, there was the odd feeling of not having a pony in his office anymore ... and sort of missing him.

[Open door, open office.]
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Tyler totally did not forget to post this after promising like seven times he'd do it, rly was a little late to his office today. He was lugging a second rhino head to mount, and there'd been a trip to the gym, and ... stuff happened. Like it does.

Anyhow, the flowers were already there when he got to work.

Some people might be annoyed by the card and by the fact they were almost a week late.

Tyler was not one of those people. If anything, Tyler was ... possibly even touched.

His office door was open and he was humming, almost jauntily.
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Tyler was in his office crazy early this morning. He's gotten bored with infomercials and Barney & Friends and decided he may as well do something productive with his day.

So here he was. Doing something productive. Wasn't like that Farmville raspberry crop was going to plant itself.

It was Homecoming; he was hoping to catch up with a couple people if they swung through town.

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Tyler should get back into the habit of holding regular office hours, so he got to his office nice and early and armed with coffee.

He'd decided his office needed a little life in it. So he spent some of his time setting up an ant farm. Most of the day, it was more entertaining than what was really on TV.

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Tyler was in his office, and more than a little curious about what this year's crop of parents might be like.

He'd fill the time until anybody showed up by trying to read the xkcd archives.
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Before Tyler could do anything else today, he had to check in with someone.

He picked up the phone and dialed. )

That bit of business taken care of, he checked his mail. he had to read the letter three times to make sure it said what he thought it said.

He remembered that conversation, vaguely, if he thought hard. It was actually pretty standard advice for him; he'd stolen it from some old punk song.

And, somehow, it had changed the world. He had changed the world for the better, for once.

That ... had to make a guy feel good.

He left his office door open as he waited for any visitors.
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When Tyler got to his office this morning, he found the desk covered with tiny plastic dinosaurs.

"How did you get in here?" he asked a bright blue brontosaurus.

Stunningly, it failed to answer.

Shrugging, Tyler started sorting them by size. If no one interrupted him, he'd play out T. Rex/Velociraptor battles all day. Velociraptors were a lot smaller, but they were faster and meaner.

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By now Tyler had been in Fandom long enough to know not to expect many students during end-of-term office hours, but he came to his office anyhow. For one, he had all the paperwork Mythbusting had generated to file away; for another, it gave some structure to his day.

Soon enough, filing paperwork turned into watching videos, and Tyler was sort of sprawled on the most comfortable chair in his office, watching episodes of the show his class had been based on. If he did this again, he'd have to spend even more weeks on blowing shit up.

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Right, so the sad thing was that Tyler had been on this merry-go-round called Fandom long enough that when he woke up female, he just figured he was past due for it. The only surprise was that instead of looking like that blonde cheerleader chick, he'd gained wavy chestnut hair and cheekbones to die for.

If he had to be a girl, this didn't suck as a way to look. After fruitlessly trying to reach Tony (Tyler was pretty sure he was sulking, for which Tyler wouldn't blame him), he went for a run, showered, and came to his office to do some work. He had a final to plan whether he had boobs or not.

[Open office, of course!]
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Tyler wasn't normally in his office on Wednesdays, but this wasn't exactly a normal week.

He'd lost time. Flickered out like a light in the middle of a conversation with Tony, watched for a couple minutes, then either gone home and gone to bed (which he ... sort of vaguely remembered, in a 'power of suggestion' way) or gone to Caritas and acted like beer alone would keep him alive (which he didn't remember at all). The taste in his mouth suggested it was the second one.

Thanks, Evil Twin. He slammed back a couple aspirin, brewed a large pot of coffee and tried to focus on his class proposal for the next semester.

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Tyler was one twitchy bastard when he went to work today. He twitched through some paperwork and he twitched through answering his email and he twitched through watching crap on YouTube as a form of lesson planning. He'd been running on workouts and caffeine all week; sitting still at a desk wasn't working out for him, but he'd do it because -- because he was a teacher and it was his job.

It was weird, for a guy who started beating people up for catharsis, how unsettled he could be by losing his temper with one student.

He went to refill his travel mug of coffee for the 18th time rather than think about that.

The office door was open.


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