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Tyler woke up with the most fantastic crick in his back from being dead sleeping in a closet all night, and crept out as stealthily as he could. He rubbed his neck, half expecting his fingers to come away stained with blood, but found no wound. And, given his distinct lack of a craving to bite anybody's throat and his (pale, but present) reflection in the mirror, he had to assume he was still human.

It had to be a case of the Fandom weirds. There was no other explanation for it, let alone his encounter with Tony or his odd urge to apologize to that chick from radio. Right. Fandom got weird, he slept with Tony. It wasn't him, really.

It was break week; did he need to be in his office? He decided he didn't care and went in anyhow. Who knew, he might even be able to make himself useful.

Which, for much of the day, involved Googling his fingers off about human sacrifice cults and vampire lore.

His readings in the latter made him very hopeful that Eliza just had a case of the weirds; it would be hell getting a vampire out of his basement.

[OOC: Open office.]


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