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So Tyler started his office hours in his normal way: Door open in case anybody was trying to find him, coffeemaker on, Motion City Soundtrack playing loudly to help him think as he toggled between different websites about the ontological argument.

It quit being a normal day in the office about midmorning, when a creature padded in, pulled itself up onto a comfortable chair, and stared at Tyler.

"Hi," he said.

The creature stared.

"Tony?" he tried.

The creature stared.

"If you're a person, tell me."

The creature chittered, hopped off the chair, and waddled out.

Fucking adorable. Fucking weird. Tyler was going to go back to work.

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Okay, so some asswipe who'd gone to three meetings and gotten his face pounded in had written a comic about Fight Club called Battle Group, and that comic got turned into a bad movie no one saw. That was not news to Tyler -- he just didn't think about it much because it was years ago and it was all pretty stupid. Plus, it wasn't like they'd asked his permission.

What was news to him was that there was a Battle Group videogame and that it had been posted to the internet.

It was horrible. He was playing it, though. He wanted to see if the rumor that Fred Durst showed up if you won was true. There'd be something satisfactory about smashing his face in.

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Posters had handwavilyshhhh! gone up in a variety of locations all over the island this week, and now it was Sunday evening, with Ghanima and Tyler waiting in the gym.

"Welcome back to our returning members, and hello to those of you that are new," Ghanima began crisply. "I am Lady Ghanima Atreides, he's Tyler Durden. You should have seen the rules on the door when you came in, and if you don't agree with them, you may turn around and leave now."

Tyler nodded, and folded his arms in a way that suggested he would do the ejecting personally if dissidents didn't go on their own.

... it had seriously been too long since his last fight.

"You've been doing introductions for a week. You're probably sick of it, I know I'm sick of it, let's fight. If there's anything weird about you -- you turn into Jello when somebody punches you, you can't be bruised, you can only fight wearing a cape, whatever -- tell one of us before you go and get hurt or hurt somebody else. For now" -- he gestured into the group -- "you two, you two, you two, and, Ghani, I thinkwe should have matches today. I say you fight the mayor."

"If we're doing exhibition fights, then Miss Walters, please indulge me by showing Tyler how much you've improved," Ghanima said sweetly. "And you and you, as well. Everyone else, grab someone you haven't fought before. Make a new friend, and then hit them."

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Tyler found it vaguely weird to have office hours that didn't involve spending time getting supplies together for whatever random experiment he was making the class do next.

He'd definitely been teaching science too long.

He had his feet propped up on his desk as he leaned way back in his chair, leafing through a volume of Plato and trying to decide how to turn it into an activity. He wasnt sure the students would go for being literally chained in a cave.

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Hello hello!

First, Fight Club is canceled this Sunday as well as (as was previously announced) next Sunday. Participation tends to be too low during break weeks, and we figure people will be busy drinking eggnog and spamming Tracy with info posts. That said, the gym's still open, if anyone wants to set up sparring on their own.

Second, it's time to do Fight Club RNG sign-ups again. We do this at the start of every term so people can add new characters, drop old ones, or move from level to level. Here are the rules (unchanged from the fall); levels are beginner-intermediate and advanced-expert. Remember levels can be changed later. If a character is borderline, pick one and we can always adjust it.

Even if you're already on the list, please sign up again. Doing all of your characters in one comment is fine. Alumni visiting the island are welcome as drop-ins, but will not be RNG'd. However, they're welcome to set up their own matches.

Sign-ups will be open through Friday, Jan. 8. IC announcements about Fight Club will be made the first week of classes.
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After listening to the radio for the last two days, Tyler was extra grateful to have had a quiet, boring week.

He was celebrating by having his Hostess cupcakes before the rest of his lunch.

Occasionally, his celebrations were small and odd.

The office door was open as he worked to finalize his plans for a final exam.
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Tyler was suspicious as he got to his office today, but everything was normal.

Too normal.

But it was still several hours into a morning of grading assignments, writing up a lesson plan, and doing some trolling of message boards that annoyed him before he opened his supply cabinet and got attacked by a near avalanche of Christmas ornaments shaped like wooden soldiers and cats.

"I was right," he told the air.

He was also rather glittery.

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Somewhere along the line Saturday, Tyler took a break from mocking the turkey and shopping with Tony to send an email.

To: Fight Club [List]
From: Tyler.durden@fandomhigh.edu
Subject: Club Canceled Tomorrow


Professor Atreides and I are both out of town, so no club this week. We'll be back on the fifth.

Don't go soft,


[OOC: Sorry! It just feels like time for a break. Of course, if you still want to go to the gym to spar, we can't stop you.]
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Call Tyler paranoid -- you wouldn't be wrong, after all -- but he kept the gunpowder supplies locked up in his office. The experiment was risky enough to do, he didn't need any of the geniuses in his class trying to replicate it in their down time.

So after class, he trotted back to his office, pony in tow, and set about putting everything away. He was still trying to decide if he felt like doing Molotov cocktails this class session.

[OOC: For SP, and for he who will soon be a former pony.]
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Tyler's office hours today could be divided into three parts.

There was the morning, when he actually did his work and only occasionally glanced over at the Tony-pony napping on his office couch. (He'd told the pony that his hooves would ruin the upholstery. Tony's glare in response somehow managed to communicate he'd pay for it. Also that Tyler was ridiculous and very, very feminine for saying the word "upholstery.")

Then there was the really fun part when he tried to brush the pony and wrangle him out of the office to meet Steve. He got bitten on his thumb. Pony teeth hurt.

Then, in late afternoon, there was the odd feeling of not having a pony in his office anymore ... and sort of missing him.

[Open door, open office.]
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After the last of the fighters had trickled out, the gym was ... peaceful.

Peacefulish, anyhow.

Could you really blame Tyler if he took a moment to lie down on a mat, going over the night's matches and tomorrow's lesson plan in his mind? He'd finish cleaning the space up later.


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Tyler totally did not forget to post this after promising like seven times he'd do it, rly was a little late to his office today. He was lugging a second rhino head to mount, and there'd been a trip to the gym, and ... stuff happened. Like it does.

Anyhow, the flowers were already there when he got to work.

Some people might be annoyed by the card and by the fact they were almost a week late.

Tyler was not one of those people. If anything, Tyler was ... possibly even touched.

His office door was open and he was humming, almost jauntily.
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Tyler leaned back in his office chair, busily tossing pencils at the ceiling.

So far, he had five that had stuck. He figured if he got to a dozen by the end of the day, that would be good.

He had Halloween candy -- a bag of the Hershey's miniatures mix -- but that might be all his. The Krackles definitely were.

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Tyler was in his office crazy early this morning. He's gotten bored with infomercials and Barney & Friends and decided he may as well do something productive with his day.

So here he was. Doing something productive. Wasn't like that Farmville raspberry crop was going to plant itself.

It was Homecoming; he was hoping to catch up with a couple people if they swung through town.

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Tyler walked into the very, very white IKEA atrium and glanced over at Tony to see how he was coping with the whole situation.

"I'm not sure I really believed I'd get you here," he said, halfway to himself, then: "Want meatballs?"

[For that guy.]
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Could people who will be at Fight Club this Sunday (and not on their way to the land of dirty dancing and watermelon carrying) and want to fight please comment to this post so we can rig up an RNG (or decide to ditch the RNG altogether)? We are far, far too lazy to cross-reference the Fight Club roster against the trip roster.

Thank you! Comments are screened, questions will be unscreened. Your regular FC will return on the 18th.
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Tyler should get back into the habit of holding regular office hours, so he got to his office nice and early and armed with coffee.

He'd decided his office needed a little life in it. So he spent some of his time setting up an ant farm. Most of the day, it was more entertaining than what was really on TV.

[OOC: Open door, open office.]
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Tyler was in his office, and more than a little curious about what this year's crop of parents might be like.

He'd fill the time until anybody showed up by trying to read the xkcd archives.
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Before Tyler could do anything else today, he had to check in with someone.

He picked up the phone and dialed. )

That bit of business taken care of, he checked his mail. he had to read the letter three times to make sure it said what he thought it said.

He remembered that conversation, vaguely, if he thought hard. It was actually pretty standard advice for him; he'd stolen it from some old punk song.

And, somehow, it had changed the world. He had changed the world for the better, for once.

That ... had to make a guy feel good.

He left his office door open as he waited for any visitors.


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