Jan. 10th, 2010

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Posters had handwavilyshhhh! gone up in a variety of locations all over the island this week, and now it was Sunday evening, with Ghanima and Tyler waiting in the gym.

"Welcome back to our returning members, and hello to those of you that are new," Ghanima began crisply. "I am Lady Ghanima Atreides, he's Tyler Durden. You should have seen the rules on the door when you came in, and if you don't agree with them, you may turn around and leave now."

Tyler nodded, and folded his arms in a way that suggested he would do the ejecting personally if dissidents didn't go on their own.

... it had seriously been too long since his last fight.

"You've been doing introductions for a week. You're probably sick of it, I know I'm sick of it, let's fight. If there's anything weird about you -- you turn into Jello when somebody punches you, you can't be bruised, you can only fight wearing a cape, whatever -- tell one of us before you go and get hurt or hurt somebody else. For now" -- he gestured into the group -- "you two, you two, you two, and, Ghani, I thinkwe should have matches today. I say you fight the mayor."

"If we're doing exhibition fights, then Miss Walters, please indulge me by showing Tyler how much you've improved," Ghanima said sweetly. "And you and you, as well. Everyone else, grab someone you haven't fought before. Make a new friend, and then hit them."

[OOC: OCD up. We are living dangerously and leaving this in the wrong place. Edit: Also, I worded it badly, but yes, you can sign up or drop anytime.]


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