May. 19th, 2010

tyler_gone: ([neu] lying down after a fight)
Tyler had a feeling he was going to have that black eye for a long fucking time. It was all right. It helped draw attention from the swollen jaw.

He'd finally tracked down a Fight Club branch that was more than a couple drunk guys who liked to pound on each other. It wasn't a terrorist cell, yet, but he could tell they were on the brink. So he'd gone to a meeting and tried to fight his way into a position of influence.

The problem was, he was way out of practice. He'd beaten the numbnuts who called himself Tyler, but the fight had left him in a sorry state. He winced when he checked himself in the mirror of his motel room. He had a feeling people in Fandom would have something to say about the way he looked. Hell, he had something to say about the way he looked, and it wasn't very nice.

Ice pack against his chin and feeling a bit sorry for himself, he pulled out his phone and texted Tony.

buffalo = rainy. me = beat up but ok. you?

[OOC: NFB. For Tony, please.]


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