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Right, so the chatter online about Project Mayhem 2.0 had intensified instead of dying down. Wednesday night, Tyler had gotten into a three-hour IM war with one of the ringleaders that ended with the numskull proclaiming "We are all Tyler Durden," as if that settled things. But what Tyler had gotten out of the guy before he retreated behind a wall of cliché was not reassuring. They'd finally found somebody who could make paraffin bombs work. The list of targets was a couple screens long.

It was time for Tyler to have a little chat with them. The kind of chat that took place in person.

They sounded disorganized enough that he figured he had a few days -- long enough to make sure Tony was someplace relatively safe and stick around to see the last few people who had started at Fandom with him graduate. For now, though, he sent out an .

From: tyler.durden@fandomhigh.edu
To: [All staff]; ino.yamanaka@fandomhigh.edu; lindsay.boxer@stark.com
Subject:Office Clean-Out Time


I'm leaving the island for a while to take care of some personal stuff. Probably I'll be back come July or September, but for now, anything in my office is up for grabs. Stop by today if you want to pick through the goods.

Sorry to be leaving the insanity. See you when I see you.

- Tyler

In Tyler-speak, that meant "I'll miss you all." He settled in to box things up, leaving the office door open.

[OOC: This is probably one of his last posts, at least for the time being. *clings* If you want to stop by and see him and weren't on the email, feel free to handwave other notification.]
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