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It felt like Tyler had been away a lot longer than he had. Time, he'd found, moved slower when he went to the hospital, like he spent each moment crawling through jello.

He'd told them he'd been in a car accident and he was having nightmares and losing time. Would have kind of liked to be honest, but he had this weird feeling that talking about vampires would have kept him in care longer. The angels in white fiddled with his meds, watched him for a couple days, and pronounced him fit to rejoin society.

Fit to go back to Fandom, anyhow. He walked across the causeway and tried to plan out his next few days.

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So there'd been a date. Dinner, anyhow. And, given everything, it had gone ... not bad. Well enough to get them to bed, anyhow, and that had been fantastic.

The problem was, once they were all curled up and close in bed, Tyler fell asleep. And when he woke up from a dream about the feel of intestines slipping over his hands ... he wasn't the same Tyler, and Tony was in the lab blasting rock at a volume that would have made a teenager's ears bleed.

Also, Tyler was bored. "Jarvis?"

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Tyler wasn't normally in his office on Wednesdays, but this wasn't exactly a normal week.

He'd lost time. Flickered out like a light in the middle of a conversation with Tony, watched for a couple minutes, then either gone home and gone to bed (which he ... sort of vaguely remembered, in a 'power of suggestion' way) or gone to Caritas and acted like beer alone would keep him alive (which he didn't remember at all). The taste in his mouth suggested it was the second one.

Thanks, Evil Twin. He slammed back a couple aspirin, brewed a large pot of coffee and tried to focus on his class proposal for the next semester.

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The good thing about radio sharing how everyone kept falling asleep was that it made Tyler even more sure this wasn't a new and interesting form of his personal craziness.

Didn't make the dreams easier, though. Not when they were about torture, inappropriate interactions with students, stalking an ex-girlfriend, "science," and more torture. And sex with Veronica, which was its own kind of torture to think about.

The worst of it was, he could never be completely sure about the personal craziness thing. He had a long history of doing stuff he couldn't remember. That's why he was coming to stay with Tony; Jarvis could keep an eye on him overnight and sound an alarm if he ... well. If he went crazy.

It was, of course, totally about Jarvis.

"Thanks for letting me crash," he told Tony, mostly as a formality. It wasn't like he didn't end up over there pretty often anyhow.

[For he who lives there.]


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