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The apartment was almost bare. Tyler never had much stuff, and Marla, who did, had shipped all her shit back East three weeks ago, when she left the last time. (The fight had been a bad one -- there were still shards from the lamp she'd thrown at his head scattering the floor -- and Tyler had immediately gone out to pick a fight in a bar, just so he didn't have to think about her anymore. That black eye was still fading.)

It wasn't like he wanted to bring much, though. What do you take with you when the place that kicked you out when you were 16, that you thought was just another rotten fruit of your diseased brain, suddenly hires you as a freaking teacher?

A duffel bag of clothes and books. A laptop. No supplies, they wouldn't let him on the plane with them. That was it.

Pacing and looking out the door for the airport shuttle -- he'd sold his car -- Tyler remembered the last time he'd been in Fandom.

This is where the Wayne's World flashback noise goes. )

That had been then.

This was now.

But, looking outside, Tyler couldn't help but take it as some sort of sign that the car service to the airport had sent a limousine.

[OOC: I am going to write out the rest of the 11 missing years, but this timeline should give you some idea what he was up to.]


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