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Before Tyler could do anything else today, he had to check in with someone.

He picked up the phone and dialed. )

That bit of business taken care of, he checked his mail. he had to read the letter three times to make sure it said what he thought it said.

He remembered that conversation, vaguely, if he thought hard. It was actually pretty standard advice for him; he'd stolen it from some old punk song.

And, somehow, it had changed the world. He had changed the world for the better, for once.

That ... had to make a guy feel good.

He left his office door open as he waited for any visitors.
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Sir Tyler of Narnia -- and yes, he was totally that in his head today -- was at his desk, physically going through the motions of preparing for class this week. Mentally, he was in a different world.

Somehow he, the guy who wanted to blow up cities, had become sworn to protect the powerless. Being trusted with something like that ... it was cheesy. But it mattered.

Life took odd turns. And that was without considering ... whatever the hell was going on with Tony or with Parker.

He was glad he'd gone to the wedding.
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Tyler already knew how the election turned out, at least in his world, so he wasn't sure why he kept checking the polling websites. Maybe it just gave him something to do until the minions showed up to make the posters, since he'd gotten in so early. (He hadn't exactly slept last night. Things were getting a little fuzzy around the edges in a way he missed.)

He finally dragged himself away from FiveThirtyEight.com and sent an email )
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After class, Tyler left the experiments where they were in case anyone wanted to show off and went to his office.

He'd get to the welcome picnic and find Marla.



In the meantime, he was being a good worker bee, and was ready to talk to his students' loved ones about their progress.

[OOC: Open office is open.]


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