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Tyler made a pot of coffee, then started his day by paging through a text, taking notes on the explorers for Nathan. It was the other man's class that week, but he was still ready to add his questionable expertise.

He was also being driven insane by the chirping of a cricket who had somehow gotten trapped in his office. Tyler didn't object to bugs in theory, but it was a different story when they were loud and on his turf. Finally, he figured out that the noises were coming from underneath his bookcase. Glaring, he grabbed a dictionary and poised it on the edge of his desk, ready to swat at the creature whenever it emerged.

[OOC: Open office!]
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Tyler already knew how the election turned out, at least in his world, so he wasn't sure why he kept checking the polling websites. Maybe it just gave him something to do until the minions showed up to make the posters, since he'd gotten in so early. (He hadn't exactly slept last night. Things were getting a little fuzzy around the edges in a way he missed.)

He finally dragged himself away from FiveThirtyEight.com and sent an email )


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